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Can cities get smarter about extreme weather?

Can cities get smarter about extreme weather? The intensity of heavy downpours in Houston has increased dramatically since the 1950s, leading some people to argue the city’s disaster planning and infrastructure are not up-to-date. AP Photo/David J. Phillip Clark Miller,... Continue Reading →

A Puerto Rican on the mainland: What you can learn from a disaster (when you are lucky not to actually be in one)

Tischa Muñoz-Erickson – Research Social Scientist for the USDA Forest Service, International Institute of Tropical Forestry, and UREx SRN Executive Team member – shares insights on a disaster like Hurricane María from her standpoint as a Puerto Rican on the... Continue Reading →

6 rules for rebuilding infrastructure in an era of ‘unprecedented’ weather events

6 rules for rebuilding infrastructure in an era of 'unprecedented' weather events Flooding from Hurricane Harvey. Can the region rebuild infrastructure so that it can better withstand extreme weather events? AP Photo/David J. PhillipThaddeus R. Miller, Arizona State University and... Continue Reading →

Hurricane Harvey – a Tragic Yet Teachable Moment

Joyce Coffee –  President of Climate Resilience Consulting and UREx SRN Management Team member – wrote a captivating piece about the recent devastation caused by Hurricane Harvey in Triple Pundit (a global media platform that bases its philosophy on the three... Continue Reading →

UREx Podcast Debut

Future Cities is a new podcast created by UREx graduate students and postdocs. We hope to use this podcast as a way to communicate our own research with a broader audience, to share stories from across the network, and highlight... Continue Reading →

The Next Era of Market Finance for Resilience

In The Next Era of Market Finance for Resilience, Joyce Coffee -- President of Climate Resilience Consulting and UREx SRN Management Team member -- helps cities find creative ways of funding resilience to climate change. Check it out, along with the... Continue Reading →

National Adaptation Forum: Leaving Me with More Questions Than Answers – and That’s Good – By Joyce Coffee

As with the best exchanges of ideas in higher education, the bi-annual National Adaptation Forum of the adaptation minded left me with more questions than answers.  Four days, 100 people and over 60 sessions held the potential to solve my... Continue Reading →

Brainstorming transformative solutions – Sustainable Puerto Rico in 2080, a focus on energy and food security – Stephen Balogh, PhD

"I was inspired by the UREx SRN Scenario Workshop we had in San Juan this past February 3rd to ruminate about the future of energy and food in Puerto Rico.  I chose to take a decidedly qualitative approach to do so and... Continue Reading →

Reflections on the San Juan Futures Scenario Workshop / Reflexiones sobre el Taller de Escenarios Futuros de San Juan

On February 3rd, we held our first UREx SRN Scenarios Workshop in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Joining the San Juan City Team and the Scenarios Working Group were about 45 practitioners, including municipal planners, infrastructure and emergency managers, community and... Continue Reading →

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